About Us

Our Vision

Enterra's vision is to radically improve industry access to environmental data.

Our Company

Environmental Data

Enterra Technologies Inc. is committed to developing innovative ways to deliver environmental data to the energy industry. We aren't a software company that also happens to have environmental data - we specialize in environmental data and providing our users with what they need, when they need it.

Radical Change

Although the energy industry has adopted cutting-edge technology for areas like drilling and production, innovation to improve access to environmental data has been lacking. Enterra is changing this with innovative solutions providing easy, intuitive access to relevant environmental information. We enable better environmental and business decisions by providing industry with instant, pain-free access to reliable environmental data.

Designed for You

Environmental data is used across multiple disciplines in multiple stages of development. Different projects may require different datasets, which is why Enterra allows you to customize your reports with the data that is important to you. In addition, you get the data when you need it most: instantly.

Enterra Lite

Enterra Lite is a search-by-location report generation tool. After entering a specific LSD or GPS coordinate, numberous databases are accessed and a report is automatically created. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual data collection. Try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions


How often is Enterra's data updated?

The data provided in our reports is updated at different intervals depending on when the source database is itself updated. For example, some databases contain only historical data, and since the source database never changes, these databases never need to be updated. On the other hand, some source databases are accessed at the time you order a report to ensure that the data your report contains is the most up-to-date data available. Finally, some source databases are updated at regular intervals (i.e. twice per year), and we also report the most recent update to the source database. For more information on when each source database is updated, simply click on the title of the database when you are ordering a report.

What is the quality of the data?

We source our data directly from government, regulatory, and private databases that are commonly used for environmental assessments. Although the quality of data is only as good as the source database (see our Data Disclaimer for more information) , the source databases generally represent the most comprehensive and reliable sources currently available for such environmental data.

What guarantee do I have that Enterra is reliable?

If you're used to pulling environmental data manually from each database, the proposition of an automated compilation of the data from the same databases may seem outside your comfort zone. We have worked hard to ensure the data we collect is the same, or better quality, than what you would be collecting manually. We are constantly testing the data provided in our reports for accuracy and consistency. It's also why all Enterra reports are provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What data does Enterra provide?

Enterra focuses on the environmental data most commonly used for development, operations, and reclamation/remediation projects. This includes fish and wildlife, water bodies, soil, and other important datasets. For a complete list of the databases available through an Enterra search, see our location search page or the Enterra Data List .

How can I suggest other databases or product features I think would be useful?

Our top priority is providing the best way for users to access environmental data. That's why we want to know what databases are important for you, as well as any suggestions you may have to improve or expand our product. Please contact us at any time through the "Feedback" button on the website, at info@enterratech.com, or 403-993-7761 to share any thoughts you have - good or bad!


How can I receive customer support?

If you are having problems inputting a location, accessing the website, receiving the data, or any other issue related to the website please contact us at info@enterratech.com , or 403-993-7761. You can also click the "Feedback" button on this page to ask a question. We promise to respond to your request as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours following your request.

What if I make a mistake inputting my location?

If you make a mistake inputting your location and run a report on the wrong location, simply contact us to request a report credit to run another report on the correct location at no cost. Credits are given out at the complete discretion of Enterra.

Are my searches confidential?

Yes, all searches are encrypted and only accessible from your user account. We understand that your company may be accessing data for a potential development or acquisition and that confidentiality is very important. Your locations and reports will never be shared with any other company, organization, or person whatsoever.


How much does Enterra cost?

Enterra was created to give you access to the environmental data you need at a fraction of the cost of pulling the data manually. There are two payment options: either on a per-report basis or a subscription basis. Subscription prices are based on estimated usage. See our pricing page for more details, or contact us at info@enterratech.com or 403-993-7761 to inquire.